Where are we going in 2019?
Hello, here we are almost at the end of January,this is my first blog of 2019. I have recently been thinking about the photographic challenges ahead and I have decided that I need to get out more and create new images for this site. We all blame bad weather, poor light conditions or whatever reason we can come up with to justify not going out. Well that is changing, so watch this space. It is my intention to blog on a weekly basis from now on, but as we all know good intentions are one thing, but sticking to them is another one altogether.

February 2019 the longer days are just around the corner.
Well I have managed to get out in the last couple of weeks, but the images I made were not very inspiring. I will look upon those trips as location scouting trips. I have a few ideas in mind for the locations visited, but I need the light to be just right. As the title suggests the longer days are almost upon us and with it more opportunities to get out and create some fantastic images. One area I intend to progress this year is Printing. It is incredible how many images just sit on the hard drives and never see the light of day. Well I am going to put that right.

February 24th. 2019
Well I have been good to my word. I have made the effort to get out into the Landscape and capture some images. I have yet to process them to upload if any are worthy. I have certainly not had the excuse the Weather is awful this week. I am getting more experienced with my printing now, so I should be able to put a panel or two together soon.

March 22nd. 2019
The Photography Show 2019 has been and gone already. I attended and purchased some items to aid my Landscape Photography. I attended on Saturday, the first day of this years show and I must say I thought it was well supported by visitors. I have managed to get out and about a little with the Camera, but I need to seriously update my portfolio, so I will hopefully be revamping the site soon and uploading some new, up to date images.